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Large group of people holding open cell phones up in airThe burden of delivering many basic services shifts from professionals to individuals wielding technology. A new car owner prints out DMV forms at home. A parolee checks in via ankle bracelets. Tools that help users solve their own problems redirect the expert’s valuable time toward cases that actually require their particular expertise. Advanced, integrated self-service mobile apps and kiosks automate tasks such as municipal payments, the issuance of marriage certificates, passport scanning and probation check-in.

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The Michigan Department of Human Services’ Mi-Bridges program launched in September 2009 moved a variety of assistance programs online: food, cash, day care, medical and energy assistance. Its features—which let clients check their benefit status, file changes, renew benefits and upload documents to their caseworkers—allow 90 percent of the client-caseworker interaction to be completed online without an office visit.

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