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BLD085269In the online world of 2020, students have unprecedented access to learning resources around the globe, largely without reference to barriers such as time, location and institution. Academic analytics and facial coding technology are built into online learning environments, enabling real-time assessment and personalization of content. Most students have their own digital learning profiles recording their skills, knowledge and credentials throughout their lifetimes. These profiles are updated automatically based on learning and career experiences.


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AltSchool, a San Francisco based K-8 school, aims to redefine the education industry by leveraging technology to offer personalized learning experiences. At AltSchool, students help develop their own personalized learning plans through a ‘3P’ process—a learner profile, a personalized learning plan and a playlist (playlist is weekly list of activities to be performed). Depending on a student’s interests and passions, playlist activities can range from  solving mathematical problems to developing 3D prototypes of products. Technology plays a central role in personalizing learning experiences as student profiles, playlists and their milestones are recorded on a mobile device. For assessment, the school uses computerized tests that are adjusted based on an individual’s skills.

Source: AltSchool,