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Haiti Map 3.jpgAdministrators use geospatial analysis to examine complex data through the lens of place, giving them an intuitive way to make sense of the situation. Organizations such as Fostering Court Improvement use state and local data to map child abuse and neglect “hot spots” — neighborhoods where instances of child mistreatment are especially prevalent. This allows child welfare workers, judges and others to ask meaningful questions about factors that might be feeding higher rates of abuse, and to focus resources on the neighborhoods — or even particular housing developments — where they are needed most.


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Jeffery Brenner, MD, used the hot-spotting technique in Camden (NJ) to identify “high utilizers” of city medical services. By coordinating medical and social services for these high-cost patients, Brenner and his team were able to almost halve the cost in some cases.

Source: “How “Hot Spotting” Cut Health Care Costs by 50%,” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,