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First Aid KitUniversities, medical technology giants and even mobile phone companies begin developing portable diagnostic tools that can be manufactured for just 1 percent of the cost of traditional medical devices. Developing countries pursue a “back to basics” approach to prevent disease, such as washing umbilical cords with antiseptic to reduce infections among newborns. No-frills models such as Aravind Eye clinic and Narayana Hrudalaya in India, and franchise “clinic-in-a-box” models such as Unjani in South Africa, provide affordable care and complement overstretched public health care systems.



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Baby Bubble is a $400 adaptation of $6,000 respirators used to help babies in respiratory distress, while the $50 Odon device helps with obstructed labor during childbirth.

Source: “Developing Countries Are Finding Innovative Solutions to Their Health Challenges,” Huffington Post UK,