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thumb_rec_glb_ho_1841_resize_1024_0Security checks get a makeover. New smarter security measures benefit passengers by making security checks faster, more convenient, and less intrusive. These include privacy-by-design, where security agencies ensure privacy of passengers’ biometric data by embedding privacy within the system. For instance, biometric data is encrypted and can only be unlocked when matched to the exact face. And security lane design, in which airports bring in elements of workplace redesign and automated tray lanes to improve passenger flows and reduce downtime of X-ray systems.


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Amsterdam airport’s “Schiphol security experience” promises a balance between convenience and safety measures. In the new security area. Up to three passengers can prepare for inspection simultaneously, making the queues move faster. The trays are embedded with RFID tags which can easily marked by the security crew. “Marked” baggage is automatically moved to a dedicated area for a manual inspection, thus not holding other passengers in the queue.