Published: Written By: William D. Eggers


Welcome to Government 2020. After months and months of work, I am really happy to announce the launch of Gov2020, our new website on the future of government.

The purpose of Gov2020 is to help leaders from across the private and public sectors make sense of the rapidly changing demographic, societal, economic, and technological trends shaping the future. Gov2020 isn’t a crystal ball but it does pull together some of our best Deloitte research and expertise from across the globe to start a discussion on what is probable, and even more importantly, what is possible in the future.

Gov2020 is meant to be a starting point for governments – to provide policy makers with some provocative ideas about what is possible and catalyst to evaluate whether they are ready to respond to broader drivers of change and shifting needs of citizens.

Gov2020 is the culmination of an extensive exploration of the drivers that are influencing the future of education, human services, defense, transportation and more and the impact those forces of change might potentially have on government and society at large.

The biggest value of the website might simply be that it brings together in one easily navigable place a treasure trove of analysis, video and creative visualizations about the future—sort of like a Wikipedia on the future of government. On the site you can explore:

–          39 drivers that will influence the way government operates and serves its citizens

–          194 trends that represent the shifts that are likely or at least possible by 2020

–          15 videos depicting everything from the future of government work to the impact of 3D printing

–          15 infographics illustrating everything from digital age transportation to a sensor enabled world

How did we come up with the trends and drivers? Gov 2020 draws from hundreds of interviews conducted by dozens of colleagues over a multi-year period with leading experts from around the world. Much of the research resulted in in-depth Deloitte studies covering everything from the transition to digital age transportation to what a system of virtual incarceration might look like. Dozens of links to these studies are embedded in the individual drivers and trends throughout the site.

One thing Gov 2020 is not is a static website. Instead, we designed it to be a dynamic environment where content will be updated on a regular basis based on user feedback and changing circumstances in the world.

So now it’s your turn to participate in the discussion. Explore the website and share your thoughts on what you think our future holds, and how you and your organization are preparing for tomorrow, whether it’s a comment, an example or even by submitting a blog post we can feature on the site.

Enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you.


William D. Eggers leads Deloitte’s public sector research and is the author of 8 books, including his newest, The Solution Revolution: How Business, Government, and Social Enterprises are Teaming up to Solve Society’s Toughest Problems (Harvard Business Press 2013). You can connect with him at @wdeggers or by email at