In 2020, 300 billion sensors are making lifestyle enhancements in our daily lives.*

The intelligent sensor market is a $10.5 billion industry in 2020.**

The market for printed and flexible sensors reaches $7.3 billion in 2020.***

environmental sensors

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Networks of sensors measure and record everything from temperature, light and motion to biohazards and physical indicators from the body. Sensor-enabled devices communicate with each other through the “internet of things,” ingestible sensors monitor the body from the inside, and intelligent swarms of sensors co-ordinate with each other to collect data. Declining costs and advancements in sensor technology make it accessible, widely used and an integral part of the 2020’s digital ecosystem.

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Sensor technology in 2020:

  • The ‘unobservable’ sensing breaks new ground in sensing biohazards, smells, material stresses, pathogens, level of corrosion and chemicals in material.
  • Micro-sensor implants in patients track the healing process for internal injuries, enable health care professionals to take remedial action based on continual data from the system.
  • Biodegradable sensors monitor soil moisture and nutrient content for optimum crop production.
  • Self-powered sensors that are powered using the heat difference between the patient’s body and surrounding air find applications in medical care.
  • Self-healing sensors repair themselves in the event of disaster or other structural disruptions.
  • Live cell-based sensing, an amalgamation of sensor technology and living cells, allow scientist to understand the biological effect of medicines, environment and biohazards.
  • Sensor swarms coordinate their activities, deciding what to measure and where through a self-learning system directing their movements and data collection.
  • Smart dust, microscopic sensors powered by vibrations, monitor situations ranging from battlefield activities, structural strength of buildings and clogged arteries.


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