Wireless traffic increases 88-fold between 2010 and 2020.*

By 2020, mobile money spreads throughout Africa, allowing some of the 2 billion people without access to financial services to come into the formal system.**

In 2020, the mobile-enabled workforce in the utilities sector doubles to 2.4 million, improving customer service and achieving superior cost efficiencies.***

Mobile 960x5502020 takes the ubiquity of mobile technology to the next level. Mobile devices of all shapes and sizes, including wearables like watches and glasses, keep millions around the world constantly connected, entertained and informed. Mobile tools revolutionize health care and education while mobile payments via NFC become the norm.

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Mobile technology in 2020:

  • Flexible mobile devices break down physical barriers that traditionally defined and limited communication devices, tablets and gaming controls.
  • Wearable technology in the form of watches and glasses, powered with smart chips, allow users to browse the Internet, view pictures, navigate and experience augmented reality.
  • Mobile wallets, leveraging the advancement in near-field communication (NFC), allow users to make payments directly.
  • 5G networks take user experience beyond data transfer speeds to include service quality factors such as lower battery consumption, larger number of supported devices and lower latency characteristics.
  • Mobile M2M technology redefines heath care, reduces carbon emissions and help public services; by allowing users to transmit data on the go.
  • Real-time speech translations on mobile devices eliminate language barriers, and improve one-to-many events such as webinars, training sessions and conferences.


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