Economic losses from cyber-attacks rise to $3 trillion by 2020.*

Living with tech dark side 500x500Some negative effects of rapid technological assimilation intensify. Indiscriminate sharing, surveillance and hyper-connectedness prevail at the expense of privacy. In an age marked by open data and transparency, some technology users rebel, seeking new ways to restore anonymity. Cybercrime tracks technology’s advance, leaving everything that’s connected — from basic household gadgets to unmanned vehicles — vulnerable. The clash between sharing and surveillance reaches new heights as the Internet of Things brings more and more of our lives online. Average citizens face a choice between using connected technologies and maintaining their anonymity. Privacy itself becomes a currency for which users are willing to pay or go to great lengths. Meanwhile, regulation of technologies such as 3-D printing, which anyone can use to print weapons, presents a growing challenge to government authority.

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*”Increased Cyber Security Can Save Global Economy Trillions,” World Economic Forum,


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