Nearly half of adults today are inclined to buy eco-friendly products, and 4 in 10 would pay more for them.*

Empowered Citizen ConsumerSince the advent of the Internet, futurists have repeatedly promised a new kind of citizen — one who is proactive, connected, collaborative and aspiring to contribute to a better society. By 2020, these citizens are finally beginning to appear in significant numbers. Businesses, nonprofits and governments spur the movement with the right data and tools. Some of the earliest examples are already visible in the sustainability space, where energy agencies spearhead efforts to simplify electricity bills and visualize data from the smart grid. In doing so, they help consumers make better decisions for themselves, while — perhaps unknowingly — contributing towards policy goals that benefit the public good.

See: Government and the publicly accountable enterprise


*”Nearly Half of Adults Are More Inclined to Buy Eco-Friendly Products, and Four in Ten Would Pay More for Them,” IPSOS,


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