In 2020, 450 billion business transactions are performed every day in B2C and B2B markets.*

In 2020, 90 zettabytes (trillion gigabytes) of information is created every year, 50 times more than a decade earlier.**

The first commercial quantum computer becomes available by 2020.***

Analytics 960x550With unprecedented amounts of new information being created and shared every second, analytics becomes a powerful force transforming data from gigabytes into golden insights. Advanced algorithm design and faster computing, along with a growing cadre of data scientists, unlock value from digital exhaust, influencing decision making by governments, corporations and individuals alike.

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Analytics in 2020:

  • Crowd-aided analytics that taps into the power of crowd in the analysis process, making the process efficient and less error prone.
  • Faster analytics through robust algorithms mitigates the traditional trade-off between accuracy and speed.
  • Analytics for all end users allows everyone in the organization to become an analyst, providing workable, data-driven insights.
  • Data scientist demand surges as organizations examine complicated data sets to aid business decisions.
  • Cloud analytics allows seamless interaction with big analytical and visualization systems in the cloud.
  • Advances in natural language processing (NLP) enable users to analyze the vast array of data from social networks.




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