Published: Written By: Dr. Harry Greenspun

Visions and depictions of the future typically revolve around technology (or technology gone awry) that drastically transform the status quo of everyday activities: flying cars, vengeful robots, time machines, “plastics,” dogs on treadmills, etc.

However, as we gathered views from Deloitte thought leaders on what they saw as the future of health care, an industry that embraces new technology, we were both surprised and impressed by the consensus: the future of health care is information.

While the rampant use of the term “big data” ensures its permanence in our lexicon, it will likely be the central driver of improvements in the industry. Quality, value, patient-centeredness, genomics, population health, and a host of other priorities depend on the availability, thoughtful analysis, and actionable presentation of data. The widespread adoption of EHRs, mobile devices, and analytics platforms, creates the avenue through which this data and information can connect stakeholders in the care continuum.

In this video we present one such vignette: data shared across stakeholders, driving action, to support health and wellness while transforming care. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the video. And watch out for robots.


Harry Greenspun, MD is a director with Deloitte Services LP and the senior advisor at the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. He has held a diverse range of clinical and executive roles across the health care industry, giving him a unique perspective on current and future challenges