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Factors that change the context in which government operates


Government shifts that result from the drivers of change

About Gov 2020

At the heart of Gov2020 are two simple components—Drivers and Trends, each one written from the perspective of the year 2020.


Drivers are the factors that change the context in which government operates and serves citizens.

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There are 39 drivers of change, categorized into six areas.

Demographic Economic Societal Technology: Cyber Physical Systems Technology: Digital Technology: Exponential Test Category

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Trends are the overall shifts that are likely—or at least possible—in 2020 across government domains.

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There are 194 trends spread across eight government domains.

Mega Shifts Defense Education Energy and Environment Health Care Human Services Law and Justice Transportation

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Driver-Trend Connections

The drivers and trends are intimately connected. Each driver has an associated set of trends and vice versa. So if you are interested in robotics, you can see all the ways robotics impacts government ranging from warfare to health care. Or if you want to understand what’s driving a trend like hyper-localized environmental monitoring, you can see it’s largely technology enablers such as sensors, geospatial and analytics.

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The Future is Dynamic

Gov2020 is not just another website; it’s a living environment where the trends and drivers will be updated on a regular basis based on your input and changing circumstances in the world. Stay tuned!

Help Us Imagine the Future

Gov2020 is not the final word on the future of government—it’s designed to start a discussion. We invite you to offer feedback on the trends and drivers, provide examples and best practices of where this is happening already, or even contribute a blog post.

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The best way to explore the future is to visualize it. Explore the future through visual content we’ve developed.

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Gov 2020 Blog

Read perspectives on how some of the drivers and trend areas are evolving and ways to get ready for the future.


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Deloitte Deeper Dives

Gov2020 is a culmination of several years of deep research exploring the future of government. In many cases, the research resulted in deeper dive Deloitte studies that are linked to throughout the website.

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